reTH!NKing Architecture Competition


Located in the south of Norway, Preikestolen also known as Pulpit Rock, forms a natural, almost square-shaped platform. Standing here reveals an impressive overview over the Lysefjord and the surrounding mountain landscape. Preikestolen is a famous tourist attraction and one of the landmarks of Norway. This concept reacts to the question how to build a viewpoint on this rock without destroying the natural shape of it. Our interest is to strengthen this special location with our concept instead of arousing a competitive situation to it. The plan was to combine the rock and the outlook in a harmonic way so it becomes a whole. The result is a lookout which integrates itself underneath the cliffs edge into the rock and emphasizes the features in its autonomous language. From above our proposal is barely noticable. Only a small, leveled entrance reveals the way inside. The visitors find their way into the inside of the outlook by a wide black disguised stairwell, which leans onto the rock face. The internal room reached by the staircase is glazed towards the fjord. Due to the glazing along the complete width of the rock, you get an impressive overview.
The room provides a contrast to the abrasive outer surface of the rock caused by the weather, with its material and illuminated inner. The folded crystalline surface of the design reminds of jointed granite and generates a picture of layered rock, which is found in many variations in nature. This ambiance is defined by the light reflections of the dark dyed and folded wooden panels. Furthermore the room is structured into two areas which merge into each other. While the glazed cliff edge frees the breathtaking view into the nature, the elevated bistro area invites visitors to enjoy a warm meal. Furnished with wooden benches and stone tables which grow out of the rock, the elevated area in the back ensures that visitors standing closer to the front can be overlooked and the stunning view of the mountain landscape is still guaranteed. The aspect of the nature can be sensed in the materiality as well as in the forms. The concept is supposed to influence the location in a quiet and positive way and to cede the main role to nature.2015-11-01